Bolero Tasting Pack All 79 Flavours

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Can't choose between all those different Bolero flavours? Then grab the sample pack with all 79 flavors.

Can't choose between all those different Bolero flavours? Then get the sample pack with all 79 flavors.

With each bag in this sample pack you can make 1.5 liters of lemonade.

Contains 1 bag of each of the flavors below:

Bolero Strawberry
Bolero Açai Berry
Bolero Acerola
Bolero Almond
Bolero Pineapple
Bolero Apple
Bolero Banana
Bolero Banana & Strawberry
Bolero Blueberry
Bolero Blood Orange
Bolero Blueberry
Bolero Cassis
Bolero Chili
Bolero Lemon
Bolero Lemon & Lime 3x500ml
Bolero Lemon Chili
Bolero Lemon Tonic
Bolero Lemongrass
Bolero Lemon pie
Bolero Cola
Bolero Cranberry
Bolero Dragon fruit
Bolero Exotic
Bolero Raspberry
Bolero Yellow Grapefruit
Bolero Ginger
Bolero Mixed Berries
Bolero Goji Berry
Bolero Pomegranate
Bolero Grapefruit Tonic
Bolero Guanabana
Bolero Guarana
Bolero Guave
Bolero Hibiscus
Bolero Honey
Bolero Honeydew
Bolero Ice Tea Lemon
Bolero Ice Tea Passion Fruit
Bolero Ice Tea Peach
Bolero Cinnamon
Bolero Cherry
Bolero Cola
Bolero Kiwi
Bolero Coconut
Bolero Cucumber
Bolero Lemonade
Bolero Lime
Bolero Lychee
Bolero Mandarin
Bolero Mango
Bolero Mango Chili
Bolero Mojito
Bolero Multivit
Bolero Mint
Bolero Panna Cotta
Bolero Papaya
Bolero Passion Fruit
Bolero Pear
Bolero Peach
Bolero Pina Colada
Bolero Plum
Bolero Red Grape
Bolero Red Sangria
Bolero Rose
Bolero Rum
Bolero Orange
Bolero Sport Orange
Bolero Tamarind
Bolero Tomato
Bolero Tonic
Bolero Vanilla
Bolero Elderberry
Bolero Elderflower
Bolero Waldmeister
Bolero Watermelon
Bolero White Grape
Bolero Carrot & Orange
Bolero Yoghurt

Flavours that are not in stock will be replaced by a random flavour.

More Information
SKU Bolero-Mix79Smaken
Gluten- or Lactosefree Glutenfree
Brand Bolero
Diet Type Low Carb, Protein Diet, Vegan, Low Calorie
Protein diet: usable in fase 1, 2, 3, 4, After the protein diet
Contents 79 sachets of Bolero Lemonade

open the bag, sprinkle in a water jug, add 1.5 litres of water and enjoy.

Nutritional Values see each individual product
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