Adam's Brot

It's actually very simple:
Adam's Brot is the specialist in low-carb bread.
But Adam's Brot doesn't just make bread, they also have a mix with which you can make a low-carb pizza and basic attributes such as different flours.

Of course there is low-carb bread that you can get from the bakery, for example, but often it still contains a lot of carbohydrates. Just look at the label. Adam's mixes are really very low in carbohydrates without sacrificing taste.

The bread comes in 2 main variants: you have the bread that you make with the supplied yeast (the white and dark bread). This bread is a bit more elastic. Then there's the gluten-free / yeast-free bread (il Mare, Sonnenwald and Gold), these don't even need to rise. These variants are less elastic and go a little more towards a cake structure.

The bread contains many seeds and kernels and is easy to prepare. (eg you don't even need a bread maker, you can just bake it in the oven).

He also used the base of Adam's bread to make a pizza base mix.

What's in Adam's Bread?

The bread mix contains a lot of apricot kernel flour. This flour is not widely used in bread mixes, but it does make the bread very tasty. In addition, there are hardly any carbohydrates in it, which is a nice bonus…

How do you prepare the Adam's Bread?

Very simple:
You put the mix in a bowl with water. 
Depending on the variant, it can now rise for a while and then bake in the oven.

Adam's Flipster Protein Desserts?

Yes, Adam's Brot also has very good protein desserts under the Flipster name. They come in quite a few flavors and they are very high in protein.
What distinguishes these desserts from other desserts is that they are a lot less sweet. In fact, that is sometimes very nice!

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