Chai Tea Mix, Green Gypsy Spices (Verbeterde Smaak)

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The perfect Chai latte powder without sugar and without additives and e-substances for all your bakes like cakes, cookies, banana bread and of course your Chai tea latte that you make yourself in no time!

Chai latte powder

The perfect Chai latte powder without sugar, additives or e-substances for all your baking needs, such as cakes, cookies, banana bread and of course your Chai tea latte, which you can make yourself in no time! Sit back and let your work wait while you chill and imagine yourself in India with this delicious sweet and spicy blend, 100% herbs and spices only.

Like all our products, Chai Tea Mix is a pure product, with no added flavors, colors or fragrances, because we don't think that's necessary. Our spices don't need any fuss or MSG, they're already delicious on their own!

What is Chai tea latte?

Chai tea latte is a deliciously mild and spicy drink, served with hot water, frothed milk and a little honey. Bring on that mega relaxed and cosy feeling. Our Chai tea latte powder contains 100% herbs and spices, no sweeteners like sugar or sucralose and no e-numbers or additives. Many of the chai tea lattes you get at your favourite coffee shop or the ready-made mixes you get at home contain lots of sugar. So did you just agree with yourself that those bags of chips and unhealthy brownies have had enough? Then you better make it yourself and let that be just as easy!

But that's not all: our Chai Tea Mix is not just for making homemade Chai latte. This herbal mixture is also delicious in cookies, cake, pie and pancake batter. A nice bonus: it's healthy too!

Many other Chai Tea Mixes will have you knee-deep in sugar when you buy them. Not with us!

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SKU Gypsy-ChaiLatte
Brand Green Gypsy Spices
Diet Type Low Carb
Protein diet: usable in fase 1, 2, 3, 4, After the protein diet
Contents 70 grams

You can use Chai Tea Mix instead of cinnamon in all your baking. Go for 2 tbsp in your cake or pie or use 1 tsp in your smoothie for a wow effect.

Make your own chai tea latte

Making your own is always the best. We've got two standard varieties for you: a hot Chai tea latte and a deliciously creamy cold latte, which is refreshing and will be your new perfect snack on hot days. Below are the standard variations, but check out our blog for delicious variations like for example a Pumpkin Chai tea latte.

Make your own hot Chai tea latte:

Mix the ingredients below together in a pan and heat on low heat, so all the flavors can be absorbed.

    • 100 ml of water

    • 150 ml (vegetable) milk

    • 1 tbsp honey

Cold creamy Chai tea latte make it yourself:

Mix the following ingredients in a blender and serve:

    • 70 gr cashew nuts (soaked in water for an hour)

    • juice of 1/2 orange

    • 400 ml water

  • 2 dates

ance, ginger, cardamom, pepper, cloves and a whole lot of love.

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