Cheese Pop Snackpack Goat Cheese (Box)

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Cheese Pop is a unique cheese snack made from 100% puffed Goat Cheese.
Use it as an evening snack or as an ingredient through your salads, the product has many possibilities.

This is the economical pack of 12 snack packs.

Cheesepop is a unique low-carb snack made from a single raw material: cheese! Without additives, with respect for nature. And that tastes like a pure and honest product. Innovative is the way Cheesepop is produced. The cheese is cut, dried and then freshly roasted. Because of this production method, a unique "pop" with a powerful cheese flavor emerges.

This snack pack contains small Cheese Pop made from Goat Cheese.

Cheese Pop has 0 gr of carbohydrates, so it is not only low-carb, but even carb-free.

Goat Cheese

This Cheesepop variety is made from 100% Goat cheese.

As a luxury cocktail snack

Party or drinks? Surprise your guests with this unique snack. Cheesepop goes perfectly with a glass of red and provides a spicy twist to a sparkling wine. In addition, this luxurious cocktail snack presents itself in an eye-catching jacket. A welcome guest for a successful evening.

As a culinary addition

Take your dishes to the next level with Cheesepop. The Goat's Cheese flavor boosts your salads and gives your soup that little something extra. And is your meal crying out for creativity? The pops are great for culinary decoration on your plate or platter. Cheesepop is also delicious as an after-dinner snack on a burgundy cheeseboard.

One package contains 20 gr.

Cheesepop: "100% cheese snack, surprisingly crunchy, long shelf life, both unrefrigerated and refrigerated, clean label, rich in protein, source of calcium, vegetarian, gluten-free, no carbohydrates, all-natural, no preservatives, no dyes, keto, puffed with 100% wind energy! "

More Information
SKU Cheesepop-GeitSnackPackDOOS
Gluten- or Lactosefree Glutenfree
Brand Cheese Pop
Diet Type Low Carb, Protein Diet, Keto
Protein diet: usable in fase 1, 2, 3, 4, After the protein diet
Contents 12x 20 gr
Ingredients 100% goat cheese (Goat milk, salt, leavening, rennet)
Nutritional Values

Nutritional values

Per 100 grams


2607Kj / 629 Kcal


54 grams

- of which saturated fatty acids

37 grams


0 grams

- of which sugars

0 grams


35 grams


2.6 grams

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