Protein Diet or Low Carbohydrate Diet, the differences.

On our site you will find two main categories: the protein diet and low carb diet.

What's the difference?

Our protein diet products all contain less carbohydrates and they are enriched with extra proteins that you need during the diet. (Because you are only allowed to eat a limited amount of carbohydrates per day)
Our low carb products contain less carbohydrates, they are not enriched with proteins.
The main difference is that the low-carb diet is used as a lifestyle and the protein diet is used to control your weight.

Can I use products from another diet?

Yes you can...
If you do the protein diet you choose products from the category "Protein diet" for your meals, next to that you can also use products from the category "Low carb diet". For every product is indicated if you can eat it in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th phase. These products may not count as meals per day, but you can often eat them as snacks! However, if you do the low-carb diet you are not trying to reach a fixed number of protein-rich products per day, you are just making sure you eat less carbohydrates. You can also eat the products that fall under the category "Protein diet", you will notice when you eat them that they give you a saturating feeling. This is because of the proteins!

An example of how you can combine

How you can combine the products?
During the protein diet you get 4 or 5 protein meals a day, these meals make sure you get enough protein.
If you want to eat some nice bread in between meals you can see under "Low carbohydrates" at "Bread Products" for example the Adam's Bread, this bread contains extremely few carbohydrates. You can easily eat this bread as a snack. The bread doesn't count as a protein meal but because it contains so few carbohydrates you can still eat it during the protein diet.

You can also use our tortillas for dinner, just fill them with a lot of vegetables and for example a little bit of chicken and you have a very nice meal.

The protein diet of Bregje

The protein diet of Afvallen met Bregje is a diet based on lots of proteins, lots of fresh vegetables, few carbohydrates and little saturated fat.
Because of the strongly reduced intake of carbohydrates the body switches to another energy supplier: the stored fats. The result is a complete combustion of the body's own fat, a natural slimming reaction of the body: the ketosis process. The proteins in our products also make sure you will have a saturated feeling for a longer time.

The protein diet of Losing weight with Bregje is divided into four phases, in which every subsequent phase normal food products are slowly brought back into the diet.

Why are proteins important?

Proteine shakes LekkerProteins are the most important nutrient for our body, they are needed to build, maintain and repair tissues. In a classic diet we eat less. Theratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins remains the same, only the amount weeat is less. In the Protein diet we create a situation where there is more protein and less fat and carbohydrates.
Another typical phenomenon in the classic diet is the loss of muscle mass due to a shortage of proteins and a lower metabolism. Your body will receive less food (fuel) and will lower its energy burning rate. The result is the well-known 'yo-yo' effect if you start eating lots of carbohydrates again afterwards.

More information?

Do you want more information about the protein diet of Bregje ?
On the page " Bregje 's protein diet " you can find all information about the protein diet. There's also a list of vegetables you can eat during the protein diet and there are tips on what you can do during the diet.

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