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With the Greensweet Jelly Crystal you can make low-carb jams, sauces, puddings, custards and desserts.

With the Greensweet Jelly Crystal you can make low-carb jams, sauces, puddings, custards and desserts.
The jelly sugar is sweetened on the basis of Erythritol and Steviol glycoside to give a nice sweetness. The Agar Agar ensures that the jelly becomes thick.

The new Jelly Crystal from Greensweet-stevia is different from regular jelly sugar. It is made with pure stevia and Agar Agar. Agar Agar is a vegetable gelling/binding agent made from seaweed. It is a 100% natural replacement for, for example, gelatine.

Greensweet stevia jelly sugar contains hardly any calories or carbohydrates. This makes jelly sugar the healthiest jelly sugar available. The jam you make therefore also remains incredibly low in (fruit) sugar.

The package contains 215 gr.

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SKU GreenSweet-GeleiSuiker
Brand Greensweet
Diet Type Low Carb
Protein diet: usable in fase 1, 2, 3, 4, After the protein diet
Contents 215 gr

Making jam and sauces.
Jam made with Greensweet stevia has an average shelf life of 20 days. It depends very much on which fruit you use. Some types of fruit, as you have read before, contain more pectin than others. It is also important not to use lemon juice. Agar Agar does not react well with acids, and will therefore not set as well. Do not add fat (such as coconut oil or olive oil) to the mixture, as Agar Agar does not react well with these fats either. It is also better not to use kiwi and pineapple. These fruits break down proteins. You can add dairy products or vegetable substitutes.

Did you think you could only make jam with Greensweet stevia jelly sugar? Then I have good news for you. Because you can also use jelly sugar as a binder, and even in a light form to replace gluten in your fuss-free bakes! It can replace sugar, eggs, and gluten all at once, though again this depends on the ingredients. On average you need about two tablespoons (about 15 grams) of jelly sugar to sweeten a cake and give it light binding. Of course you also need water to activate the Agar Agar. The jelly sugar is ideal for binding sauces and soups, or to make custard and pudding. As the jelly sugar from Greensweet-stevia is vegan, vegans can also use it to their heart's content.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients Greensweet X-tra sweet (Erythritol and Reb. A) and Agar Agar.
Nutritional Values

Nutritional values per 100 gr:
Energy : 29,6 kcal
Fat : 0 gr
of which saturated fat : 0 gr
Carbohydrates : 90,8 gr
Net Carbohydrates : 0 gr
of which sugars : 0 gr
Proteins : 0,08 gr
Dietary fibre : 6,3 gr
Salt : 0 gr*

The origin of Erythritol is considered a carbohydrate but in the body is not absorbed as a carbohydrate and is not converted into energy and therefore contains no calories.

Erythritol is excreted unused by our body in our urine, hence we put net carbohydrate 0. and it is suitable for diabetics and people following a low carb diet.

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