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Are you looking for tasty products that you can eat during the low-carb diet? We have them.
We search the whole world for tasty and good products that will make you happy. (We have hundreds of them!)

Low-carb diet

With the diet it is important that you limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat in one day.
When you buy products in the supermarket you will notice that it is often a struggle to find the right products. A lot of manufacturers put a lot of (cheap) carbs in their products, but this will make you eat a carb bomb (and you probably don't want that if you're reading this page)

To help you with your low-carb diet, we scoured the world for tasty products that you can use on a daily basis to replace the high-carb products you buy in the supermarket. Really: the diet is not a punishment as long as you have the right products.

Besides the fact that you eat these products during the diet they also fit well in a complete low-carb lifestyle. We have delicious products for breakfast, as well as for in between meals and for dinner. What to think of our pasta or pita bread?

With the low-carb diet you can easily replace high-carb products, it is an easy diet (as long as you have the right products).

The products

What exactly can you expect from the products?
We have different kinds of pasta (including chocolate pasta), candy and chocolate without added sugar, different cake mixes, different types of bread with matching toppings but also very tasty tortillas and pita breads.
If you prefer to bake your own delicious cakes or breads, we have many different ingredients for that too, such as almond flour, but also coconut flour, peanut flour etc etc.
These products contain fewer carbohydrates than the normal carbohydrate-rich flours you find in the supermarket.

How do I find something?

On the left side you can click on "Baking products" or "Lunch / dinner", then you will only see products that are related to this.
If you already know the brand of a certain product you can also click on the brand on the left or look at "All brands" in the menu.

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