Damhert makes a new type of sweetener based on 100% natural products: Tagatose.
This "fake sugar" is so well done that you hardly taste the difference with normal sugar. The structure is even almost the same!

Tagatose belongs neither to the sweeteners nor to the polyols. In 2005 the Novel Food Unit classified Tagatose as a totally new food and added that it is completely safe. Because it is an ingredient, it does not get an E-number.


Steviala has various types of sweetener such as brown, powdered and ordinary sugar with fewer carbohydrates, but also fun flavoured bottles based on Stevia. Steviala has spent a long time looking for the right ratio of Stevia and other sweeteners to obtain the finest possible product (with as few carbohydrates as possible). There is also pure Stevia powder (Steviala Star), you will not find it any purer!
But what do you think of carbohydrate-free syrup that looks like honey (Sweet Bee) or Maple syrup (Sweet Maple). (tip: recommend it!)


We have a range of Sukrin sweeteners such as regular or extra concentrated, but also syrups, chocolate and baking mixes.

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