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Well, yeah. Of course we all want to snack sometimes.

To not immediately go wrong with the chocolate bars from the supermarket / gas station we have made an assortment of different low carb products without added sugar that you can also use during your diet.
Here you will find several chocolate bars which are not sweetened with sugar but with Tagatose (the sugar variant of Damhert), Splenda or Stevia.

Besides various chocolate products (eg chocolates) we also have cookies from Joseph's and the candy assortment of Slimpie. All responsible snacks during your diet with less carbohydrates.

Almost none of our products you will find in a supermarket.
We are very proud of our assortment for the low-carb diet, even if you have diabetes you can use many of our products.

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  1. Klene Sweet Suns Sugar free

  2. Klene Sweet hearts Sugar free

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  3. Klene Salted Ovals Sugar free

  4. Sweet-Switch - Confetti

  5. Sweet-Switch - Black & White

  6. Sweet-Switch - Coco Rocks

  7. Sweet-Switch - Lollipopland

  8. Sweet-Switch - Marshmallows

  9. Sweet-Switch - Yummy Gummy Bears

  10. Sweet-Switch - Fruit Fantasia

  11. Sweet-Switch - Fruit Bonbons

  12. Sweet-Switch - Fruit Fiesta Jellies

  13. Sweet-Switch - 70% Dark Chocolate

  14. Nick's - Chocodrink

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